Google Camera (GCam 9.2) Modes and Features

There’s no denying that the GCam comes along with a list of exciting features including HDR+, night sight, panorama, and many more things. Now, let’s get into the details!

Google Camera Modes and Features

Explore the latest features of GCam 9.2 and capture astonishing photos.


The features assist the camera software by increasing the brightness of the dark areas of the photos by taking photos from the range of two to five. Plus, the zero shutter lag (ZSL) feature also helps so that you don’t have to wait for any further to capture your life moment. Though it might not grant as good as the HDR+ enhanced results, still, the overall photo quality is improved through this perk.

HDR+ Enhanced

It enables the camera app to take multiple photos for a few seconds and then grant an amazing result with clear details in each sot. Furthermore, you will notice that this same feature adds up more frame numbers in the night shot, so you can get bright photos even without using the night mode in general. Usually, in the lowlights, you have to hold the phone steadily since the software will require a few seconds to grasp all of the details.


The portrait modes have evolved over the years and the latest version of the google camera software can be par with the iPhone camera. Although, sometimes, the depth perception is slightly off since the app isn’t able to coordinate with the camera hardware. However, you will obtain crisp portrait results with the google camera.

Night Sight

The night mode of the Google phones is totally worth it as it will render proper contrast and colors through the advanced tech to capture lowlight photos. Alongside this, the GCam also delivers satisfactory results if your phone supports OIS. Long story short, it will work great with optical image stabilization.

AR Sticker

The Augmented Reality elements are fun to watch and grant amazing details with the corresponding background. The AR sticker feature was released in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and it’s been continued so far. Moreover, the developer improves this perk so that it can easily apply while recording videos too.

Top Shot

From the other features, you might have understood that this camera app will take numerous photos to increase the overall contrast and colors. The same goes for the Top shot features as it chooses the most beautiful photos among those multiple photos and blends them with the AI software to give presentable results.


The function is an advanced version of the panorama mode that is offered in the regular phone. Instead of clicking the photos in a straight line, you can capture images in the 360-degree view, it’s a separate feature that appears on Google phones. Furthermore, it also works as an ultra-wide angle camera so that you can take dynamic-range pictures.