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Are you exploring around and looking for the Google Camera APK? If yes, then my friend – you are at the right place; you will get tons of knowledge about this camera, as well as different ports from well-known developers. However, if you are new to mods technology, then this post will cover up doubts. So, let’s begin the fun.

The camera tech used over the stock apps didn’t offer the quality and crispness you have been looking for a long time. Everyone wants to get natural exposure and photos that blend a good amount of detail. To get those exciting features, you have to download the Camera to API app. It will check whether you can get access to the GCam Ports or not.

Benefits of Google Camera Port for Android Phones

Most smartphone brands equip with their custom features. That’s why in low price phones have low camera quality. In such a case, you have a device that runs on the Android Go edition. No need to worry at all because you can use the Google Go camera. Now, think does your phone’s camera quality is dropped drastically compared to when you bought it.

Isn’t that true? With the help of the Google Camera Port for Android Phones, you can bring dynamic range photography even if you don’t own a Pixel phone, which is quite intriguing.

Every smartphone is designed to render an outstanding photography experience and grant flawless features, and each smartphone company inserts a compatible stock camera for better images and video quality. In reality, those apps are not as great as you think. They have flaws, especially in software image processing, which decreases image quality most of the time.

Google Camera

But are you bored with the camera’s regular performance and often think of upgrading your phone to another new piece of technology? Or you often see polished saturated images, or you face image distortion at the edges and on the background. Then today, I will share a way that will eventually help you solve all these problems.

So, stick to the end. Plus, it’s going to be free of cost. So, you need to download the Google camera, which is placed at the bottom of the article, to explore the immersive photos and video experience that you will never feel or see before.

If you are not aware of what a crazy thing is Google Cam and want to know more about what makes it so damn impressive, any other photo’s software enhancement application is available on the market. Head to the next portion!

What is Google Camera APK (Pixel Camera)?

Basically, the Google Camera Port or Pixel Camera is a unique software application mainly designed for Google smartphones, such as the Pixel series. Like most camera apps, it works to snap videos and photos more reliably.

It practically equips tons of software sets, which are precisely designed for each Google smartphone to provide incredible crisp HDR shots along with exceptional level portrait and panorama images.

Alongside this, you can get fantastic grade lens blur images, highlights, and exposure images with a tremendously fascinating night mode system that grabs every detail in a highly proper manner.

On the other hand, the video section is also quite astounding. It offers spectacular customization, which allows you to see the advanced settings that improve the video stability, resolution, per the second frame, and even more to impress its users. In addition to that, you can scan anything with the dedicated Google Lens features that arrive pre-installed.

In the end, all these features and tweaks are only feasible on the Google device, which is sad news for regular Android users. But, what if I tell you that you really can install this cool app, whether you have some random Samsung, Xiaomi or Vivo smartphone, in just a few simple clicks?

If your device doesn’t support the camera2 API, you can use GCam Go on your android smartphone. This camera is compatible with Android devices running Android version 8.0 or older.

What is GCam APK Port?

As mentioned earlier, the GCam Port was delicately created for Pixels phones, but the ultimate magic didn’t come in other smartphones. However, our developer friends are always helping to overcome these types of challenges and provide a subtle solution.

If you know the MOD application system, you can understand it even better, since the GCam Ports APK can be considered as the modified version of the original application. But it’s a refined version that can be downloaded for various types of Android devices.

While the Port is defined in the sense of community, which provides different kinds of Pixel Camera Port that are compatible with several smartphones. Plus, If you have a Snapdragon or Exynos chipset inside the phone, then I highly recommend downloading the GCam Port right away since, in various tests, our team found out it works excellently on those processors.

The port version of the Pixel Camera is like the original but with some new add-ons for the users. In the community, there are several developers who render the wondrous GCam setup. Down below, the list covers some of the most popular Google Camera Ports that are alive and kicking.

Download Latest Google Camera (GCam Port) APK

File NameGCam APK
RequiresAndroid 11+
DeveloperBSG (MGC)
Last Updated1 day ago

If you’re looking for Google Camera for specific Android devices, then we have already covered GCam guides for all supported phones. You can check dedicated guides for Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, Motorola, Oppo, and Vivo smartphones.

Easily Install GCam APK by following the below video tutorial.

Download GCam APK for Specific Phone Brands

What’s New in GCam 9.2

Below, we have created a dedicated video tutorial on the Google Camera 9.2 APK update.


Popular Google Camera Ports

With the Android 11 update, the Pixel Camera APK update also rolled out, and our dedicated and hardworking porter (developers) present the latest version of the GCam Port. Alongside this, a few new developers also joined the gang, and we also include their ports. So, do check the latest version.

The best thing about the new version of GCam is that you will get tons of custom features and options to bring quality pictures.

BigKaka AGC 9.2 Port

BigKaka is a skilled developer who makes camera improvements for Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, and Xiaomi phones. They focus on creating stable and reliable mods that enhance photo quality without slowing down the device. Their work is well-respected in the Android community.

BSG GCam 9.2 Port

The Port is developed to work great in Xiaomi devices and render key features of the portrait, HDR, Night mode, and many more, and it’s a convenient choice if you own a Xiaomi MIUI or HyperOS interface-based smartphone.

Arnova8G2 GCam 8.7 Port

This port precisely does the job and gives an astounding level of support to the Android 10 OS framework. Even though it’s a beta version, yet our tech team is amazed by the tweaks that come under it. It’s one of the best on the list.

Shamim SGCAM 9.1 Port

This GCam Port is known for close-to-stock GCam mods that enhance camera capabilities on devices with hardware level full and level 3 Camera2 API, providing improved photography capabilities.

Hasli LMC 8.4 Port

This version offers the simplistic traits of the Google Camera Ports by Hasli with the added blessing of advanced exposure. From this, you will notice drastic changes in overall picture quality. Besides this, it’s far more stable in taking macro shots. There are four versions available from Hasli GCam: LMC 8.4, LMC 8.3 (Updated), LMC 8.8 (BETA).

Nikita GCam 8.2 Port

This MOD is good news for the OnePlus device holders since it offers the most beneficial tweaks for the camera software and aids in repairing the structure and texture. Especially performs prominently on the OnePlus 5 series on the test.

PitbulL GCam 8.2 Port

Finally, we have PitbulL designed port, which is efficient and great for almost every device and a great choice to access GCam’s fabulous traits. Although, in some handset conditions, it didn’t during our test.

cstark27 GCam 8.1 Port

This developer provides the sleek feel of the Pixel Google camera, which didn’t add any additional features or updates to the usual design. But, the best thing about this is, you will get the original built as your stock camera, which is simple to use.

onFire GCam 8.1 Port

This port option comes with fabulous features that grant you the subtle ecosystem of GCam Ports. You can take crisp slow-motion and excellent-quality HDR photos. This model works evenly great for every smartphone brand. So, there’s no need to worry.

Urnyx05 GCam 8.1 Port

In this mode, you can see the exponential exposure and saturation in the image quality. This application model is equipped with the latest set of Google Camera APK with a bit of alteration in the layout. At the same time, rest assured that you will get premium-quality results.

Wichaya GCam 8.1 Port

It’s another option you can try if you have a POCO device. It will help you to attain professional-level photography, all thanks to the goodness of the Google Camera APK changelog settings. You can capture immersive photos.

Parrot043 GCam 7.6 Port

Now, this APK port installs all the essential files and maintains everything in a pretty well-defined manner, while it gives convenience to install in Android 9 (Pie) as well as Android 10.

GCam 7.4 by Zoran for Exynos Phones:

As the title refers, this particular port is released to equip in the Exynos processor phone, which is a quite decent recommendation, if you have a Samsung mobile or Sony similar that, has the relevant chipset to support this application.

Wyroczen GCam 7.3 Port

If you have Redmi or Realme device, this port is the best thing you can try. Notably, the primary sensor quality will be expanding in several folds, and you will notice the drastic differences between before and after using the version.

Why is Google Camera so popular?

The reason is pretty simple, it enhances the images and video quality to a whole new other level and leverages some of the most outstanding futuristic features that will blow your mind.

At the same time, the camera software set is ten times more than the usual smartphone setup. Plus, it furnishes an all-rounded experience with its finely tuned software works behind the scenes.

Some tech enthusiasts say that it grasps such details with a dynamic range of image processing that makes the Google Camera insanely good, and with the top-notch AI features, it can beat DSLR to some of the most extents. The superb computation of sensors makes everything possible.

While some said, when the first Pixel smartphone was introduced, no one thought that Google had implanted a tremendous assist in that particular software region. I still remember the time, Samsung launched the first quad camera.

Even at that time, the single-lens shooter of Pixels is far more than the Samsung Fours snapper phone, all thanks to Google Cam support. From that point, the Google camera gained momentum and became a massive hit, and remains at the throne of the best camera application.

Features of Pixel Camera

Neural Core

Pixel Visual/Neural Core

The image processing hardware is added to the Pixel phones so that the users can easily grant remarkable camera results without much hassle. Usually, this feature works pretty great with the Qualcomm chipset configuration and accelerates image processing through the Adreno GPU support.

This feature was quite popular during the era of Pixel 1 and 2, which eventually gained more publicity by including the Pixel Visual Core for helping image processing reach a whole new level. Further down the line, the company launched the upgraded version known as the Pixel Neural Core with the new generation Pixel 4 and granted more robust results than before.

In simple words, this feature is designed to improve the hardware end of the photos by adding dedicated software inside the SOC. Through this, you will notice better colors and contrast while you are capturing your influential life moments.

HDR+ Enhanced

HDR+ Enhanced

The HDR+ Enhanced features are the improved version of the HDR+ that appears in the older Pixel and Nexus phones. Usually, these perks use multiple frames when you click on the shutter buttons, the range can range between 5 and 15 roughly. In which, the AI software maps the whole image and increases color saturation, and reduces the contrast.

Besides this, it also reduces noise so that even if you are taking lowlight photos, you don’t face any distortion in the photos that much. Plus, it doesn’t use zero shutter lag, so it doesn’t take time to click photos, while at the same time, it also improves the dynamic range and grants robust results in regular conditions.

Dual Exposure Controls

Dual Exposure Controls

This feature gives exceptional results when you are shooting Live HDR+ photos or videos. It increases the brightness of images and enhances the low dynamic range photos to the high dynamic range, which is especially used for shadows. Due to the limitation of the hardware, these bonuses are not available in the older Pixel phones.

But if you have a Pixel 4 or above, the phone it would work smoothly and provide outstanding features. Moreover, you can check out different GCam ports if you want these perks over your smartphone too.



The portrait mode is one of the greatest attributes that every smartphone offers now. But back in the day, there were only a few brands that offered this feature. Even now, the portrait image quality of the Google Camera Ports Apps is far superior and offers crisp details. You will notice a proper blur effect on the background, while the object will have clear details.

The bokeh effects enhance the selfies, while the natural color tone makes the images more interesting. Furthermore, machine learning helps in identifying the object precisely so that it can be kept in focus while the remaining background area will be blurred out for amazing results.

Motion Photos

Motion Photos

If you like to click candid photos, the Motion Photos Google camera is the best thing that you can try out. Like many other brands that launched live photos features, motion photos work in the same way. To put everything simply, you can create GIFs with these features.

In general, the camera app shoots a few seconds of the frame before you click on the shutter button using advanced image stabilization, and when it enables, a RAW will create a that has relatively less resolution. That’s it, the motion photo will be stored in the gallery. With this, you can relive those funny yet cherishing moments once again.

Top Shot

Top Shot

The top shot feature is introduced in Pixel3, as it grants an astonishing superpower to their users to capture their fabulous life moments with more perception and details, by simply pressing the shutter button. In general, this feature takes multiple frames before and after the users have pressed the shutter, and simultaneously, the pixel visual core uses the computer vision technique in real-time.

Besides this, it will recommend several HDR-enabled frames from which you can select the best pic without any problem. It’s a quite helpful feature since it reduces the hassle of clicking numerous photos at once and picking the perfect click would become a much easier task for every user.

Video Stabilization

Video Stabilization

As we all know that video recording is one of the key features of the camera app. But at the same time, several brands don’t support proper video stabilization support due to the restriction of the budget or lower hardware configuration. However, the Google Camera software enables optical image stabilization.

It makes the videos significantly more stable than before and grants an excellent video recording without much distortion in the background. Besides this, the autofocus features are also implemented so that you don’t face much trouble recording videos through the GCam.

Smart Burst

Smart Burst

This feature is designed for clumsy people like you and me who don’t have that much talent for clicking professional photos. With the smart burst features, all you need to do is long press the shutter button, and google camera will take 10 photos per send. But unlike other brands, here the photos are automatically sorted with the best pictures.

It will also include features like moving GIFs (Motion Photos), AI smiles to detect the best photos, or making a collage of photos. All of these things are possible with this single feature.

Super Res Zoom

Super Res Zoom

The Super Res Zoom tech is an improved version of the digital zoom that appears in older generation phones. Usually, digital zoom crops a single image and upscales it, but with these new features, you will get more frames, which eventually provide more details and pixels.

To achieve higher resolution, the multi-frame zoom ability is introduced for the users. With this, the Google Camera Ports APK can provide accurate details and can provide 2~3x optical zoom, depending on the smartphone hardware. Even if you are using an older phone, you don’t have to worry about zooming ability through this feature.

Additional Features

  • Google Lens: This feature allows users to detect text, copy QR codes, and identify languages, products, movies, and many more things with a single click.
  • Night Sight: It’s an improved version of the night mode, in which the modified HDR+ enhances the overall camera results in quality.
  • Photo Sphere: It gives a 360-degree view photo experience, and is pretty similar to the panorama feature since you are taking photos in one place.
  • AR sticker/Playground: Get a complete turnover with the AR sticker options and enjoy taking photos or videos with those animated elements.
  • Astrophotography: This feature is unlocked when you enable Night sight mode and put the phone in a stable position or require a tripod. With this perk, you can take clear photos of the sky with precise details.

Where to Download GCam APK for your Android Phone?

Finding a perfect GCam APK that didn’t crash after downloading is a difficult task since you have to go through the version port option and select one of them and hope that anyone of them works.

It could try out to be a messy procedure and may take a lot of time. But, my friend, you didn’t need to wander aimlessly and try everything on your own.

To cut all the searching time into an easy format, I have created a list of devices that support GCam Port. Check that out and download them right away to enjoy the immersive photography on your phone.


If you are facing any problems with the app, take a look at our guide on GCam FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips.

Why does my GCam App keep stopping?

This commonly occurs when the makers set the stock camera as the default setting, and it stops GCam Port to works since it’s predefined to work as the default. For that, all you need to enable the Camera 2 API on your device to run GCam smoothly.

Is Google Camera better than a Stock Camera?

Well, it’s mostly better in every term, to HDR, AI beauty, Portrait, Night mode, Slo-mo, and time-lapse videos, so it’s undoubtedly the best thing you can get on the market. Plus, here are several things that improve the overall rating of this application.

What are the advantages of GCam?

GCam APK enhances everything on its own without any exterior help, and there are numerous advanced-level add-ons of exposure, contrast, and lights to improvise the overall quality of the images and videos in several folds.

What are the disadvantages of GCam App?

Usually, there is no problem. But every so often the screen glitch and lags for a moment, the shutter button stops working, images take too much time to load on the internal storage, and photobooth features are unusually not supported.

Is GCam APK safe to install on Android?

It’s completely safe to install on your Android device since our tech team runs a security check on each application before uploading the article. And even if you got an error or issue, please let us know in the comments section.


It’s harder to get wonderful photos and videos even if you have an amazing smartphone. There are always some flaws in the stock camera application, which can’t overlook a photoholic person like you, and some you have a face that your device didn’t give the output that you want it.

Even after numerous snaps, you can’t get the perfect picture of yours but worry not the preferred application will provide outstanding pictures and videos for sure.

I hope you get the GCam Port according to your mobile model, still if something is bothering you, our team is glad to help to solve your problem. So, Comment down below.

Until then, Peace Out!

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