How to Save Logcat Using MatLog [Step By Step]

Install the MatLog software to easily save log files on your android phone without any problem.

Are you facing problems with your advanced third-party application such as GCam, or another mod apk? You have found the bug, but don’t know how to report it to the developer, in that case, you will need the MatLog app. In this post, get a complete explanation for saving the logs. With that said,

let’s get started!

What is MatLog: Material Logcat Reader?

The MatLog is specially designed for advanced techie users that want to see the system logs and find errors that appear in the stacktraces. With this software, you can also debug your app or take screenshot files and directly report to the official developer.

Moreover, you need to notice everything that happens behind your back as you will be aware of what system logs (logcat) is doing every time with precise details.

Note: This app will require root permission to work properly.

Awesome Features

  • You will find color-coded tag names in the app interface.
  • All of the columns are easy to read on the display.
  • Performing real-time searches is possible
  • Recording modes allow recording logs with additional widget support.
  • Offers Export options for SD cards.
  • Allow users to share logs through emails and attachment files.
  • Provide auto scroll to easily reach the bottom.
  • Different filters can be saved and autosuggestion searches are available.
  • Select and save a small section of the logs.
  • Ad-free interface with open-source usage.

To know more about the changelog and other perks, go to the GitHub page.

Download MatLog App

You can download the latest version from Playstore or another platform according to your requirements.

How to Save Logcat Using MatLog

You will need to perform the rooting method, and many people prefer to use SuperSu and Magisk. You can choose anything according to your wish. If your device doesn’t have access, check details on the XDA Developers forums for more advice and necessary pointers.

Once that happened, you can follow the given instructions:

  1. Open the MatLog, and make sure to provide root access.
  2. Go to the Settings or Menu section and click on Clare.
  3. Again, Enter into Settings >> File >> Record (type new file name or leave it as default)
  4. Now, you have to hide the MatLog App.
  5. Following this, you have to reproduce the crash or issue
  6. Go back to the Matlog and stop the recording.
  7. Finally, the log file will be stored in the catalog>> saved_logs inside the file manager.

You can extract the log file and easily share it with the developer. If you want to post those logs online, we suggest enabling the Omit sensitive info option from the settings menu.

Video link

Note: Extracting the logs is a highly-difficult task if your device is not rooted yet. You can use the logcat command line tool using the ADB. Here’s the guide to do so.

Final Verdict

I hope that you were able to save the logcat using MatLog. With this, you can debug your apps in a pretty seamless manner, while at the same time, you can also share those recorded log files with the developer through email or using attachments. If you have any other questions regarding the GCam, you can visit the FAQ section for more information.

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