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When we get to the developer side of Google Camera applications, we aren’t capable of using a few listed features until we get to use a version developed by Arnova8G2.

The developer has sophisticatedly modded the Google Camera app to fix all the compatibility issues in many android smartphones.

Moreover, if you’re finding a developer to design the most recent versions of GCam APK frequently, Arnova8G2 comes first in the list.

Firstly, you need the Camera2API enabled on your smartphone to use it thoroughly, and most versions of Arnova8G2 only work on the smartphones with the Snapdragon chipsets.

We’re talking about the most sophisticated developer mod, so that really worth it in the end. More than that, you’ll love the bug-free journey of Google Camera with this mod developer series. The current article will help you point to point with the mods.

Arnova8G2 GCam Ports

What is Google Camera?

Google Camera is the most effective version of stock camera. We are using smartphones with different UIs these days, where there are the Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Nothing, Vivo, Oppo, and Realme kind of devices.

But if we do a competition between the stock cameras offered by any of these smartphones, Google would be the most influential with Google Camera.


Now you comprehend that Google Camera is basically the stock camera app developed for the smartphones designed by Google Pixel series.

People are getting on the different webpages and searching Google thoroughly to get these camera apps compatible with their smartphone models. But it’s impossible to use the actual Google Camera on those devices.

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Nah, you don’t need to worry about that as the GCam Mod are there, with the complete as-it-is options and sources, but extracted and modified by tremendous developers like Arnova8G2.

What is GCam MOD?

We talked above about a featured stock camera which can work for any android device after having a modification. GCam Mod is that port developed by the third-party app designers to make your interaction with all the features presented by this camera on your device.

On the current page, we’re gonna talk about the mod developed by Arnova8G2 XDA developer, who is right now working around for the creation of the 8.7 version.

The GCam Mod developed by this creator is mostly known for the fast processing, Slow Motion videography, better Night Sight functionality, and mostly the developer side features.

It means that if you have radical knowledge of the developer options, you can go along with the Google Camera app developed by Arnova8G2 to use those features along with official ones.

What are Configs?

Camera apps can’t be better without a large variety of color and custom configuration options available in them. However, you’ll find out that Google Camera got them all arranged in the best manner you can ever have.

This camera app includes Hue, Saturation, BW balance, color balance, brightness, contrast, and all other configuration options.

Now Configs are the files developed by the professional photographers in the XML format to be installed directly on your Google Camera app having all the similarly arranged configurations. You don’t have to alter if you liked the way that creative camera guy captured the pictures.

Moreover, you also get an option to save your config files for the future of your Google Camera photography, so whenever you reinstall the app, you can have the last config files.

Requirements to Install GCAM on any Android Phone

All the different developer mods for Google Camera app are arranged for the differently configured android smartphones. We’re having the Arnova8G2 versions as of now, and for them, you’ll need the below few requirements to be fulfilled by your smartphones. If you’re good with them, go for this mod and start using GCam features today for effective captures –

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Processor ChipsetSnapdragon/Kirin/Exynos
ROM version64 bit
Camera2 API StatusEnabled
RAW SupportAvailable

Download GCAM 8.7 Stable version by Arnova8G2

When the above requirement signs sound so available and mere to you, it simply means that you’re the eligible one to use the Google Camera stable version by Arnova8G2.

Below there, we’ll list out all the versions developed by this developer from older to newer so that you can get your reference.

Remember that newer versions will only work with new android versions, and the older versions would be for older ones.

File NameGCam APK
Latest Version8.7
Requires14 & below
Last Updated1 day ago

How to Install GCAM on any Android Phone

Finally, you are ready to install the Google Camera app on your smartphone without any interference of the technology.

This means that it’s simply not for the Google Play Store’s app installation, but you need to follow a few simple steps and manually install the app on your smartphone compatible to work with the Arnova8G2 GCam Mods.

  1. Download the GCam APK from the above link (whichever version you want.)
  2. After downloading it, get to the File Manager app and open the Downloads folder.
  3. Inside there, you’ll find the GCam APK that we just downloaded. Click that APK file.
  4. If you are asked to enable the installation from unknown sources, enable the toggle to Allow from this source.
    unknown sources
  5. Get back to the File Manager app and this time you’ll see an Install button in the window.
  6. Click this Install button and wait for a few moments until you install it successfully.

You’re here, and now you can open the GCam APK on your smartphone to use all those tweaks we talked about above, as well as the major hidden options in the newest launched version.


Is it safe to install GCam APK 8.7 on Android?

Yeah, GCam APK is safe to use on any Android smartphone. Whatever the different developer ports are taking to you is the same Google Camera extracted from the Google Play Store, but with some scripts to add some features and let it work on your devices.

Why is there an issue with using the front camera with GCam on the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 5?

It’s seen that the OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T smartphones are getting errors and crashes when opening the front camera with the Arnova8G2 ports. Basically, there is a guide here to install a fix, and if it doesn’t work, then you should disable the HDR+ before opening the front camera on your device.

Why did the Google Camera app crash just after being opened?

The Google Camera app keeps crashing for so many reasons, where the first one is compatibility. There are multiple ports developed for unique smartphones, so what’s working on your phone may not work on your homie’s. Even if your phone is compatible, there can be errors due to Android version, Camera2 API disabled, or unavailability of GApps on your phone.

How to use Astrophotography in Google Camera?

Astrophotography is just one of the best camera modes available to use in Google Camera, and you can use it normally through the camera interface. It’s a part of the night mode, so inside the Night mode, you’ll find a setting option for Astrophotography. Just turn that on while choosing the Astro max time and Google AWB before going ahead.


Among hundreds of Google Camera ports on the internet, it may seem hard to select the best one, and for the same reason we’re here in front of you.

Using the above guide, we may have solved all your queries related to the GCam Arnova8G2 version, with all the important procedural guides and most asked FAQs.

We’ll meet soon with the new version after a while, until that you should give a try to this version.

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