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Sometimes, it becomes hard to find among a list of mods for the best one ever available. There is a huge list of Google Camera mod developers, and most of the names would sound different from a different perspective.

You will not understand them eternally until you get a jump in the features and possibilities available through those only versions. We’re here for that help and in the series of GCam Ports, currently we’ll raise the curtains from the Shamim GCam 9.1 version.

Shamim from XDA developers edited these port versions to work amazingly on Snapdragon, MediaTek, and the Exynos processor chipsets.

They majorly wanted these versions to have a Leica Mode, which would be the rarest option that you won’t find anywhere else.

We’ll soon comprehend that mode too, but as an introduction, all the information available in this below article eternally belong to the GCam 9.1 stable version by Shamim. Read it thoroughly…

Shamim SGCAM Ports

What is Google Camera?

Google Camera is a software that lets you take fantastic pictures and videos using some incredible options and the rare camera modes.

You’ll find there the options which aren’t within any other stock camera app such as Video Stabilization, Motion photography, Top Shot, Night Sight, Astrophotography, etc. to enhance the camera lens’ capabilities.

Most likely, people use these cameras for capturing pictures with the HDR+ exposure and the WB or White Balance control. There are three modes, including HDR, HDR+, and HDR+ Enhanced for keeping the exposure balanced as per your desire.

Moreover, compatibility is a rare thing you’ll find with this app as it works only with the Google Pixel Phones running on Android 12 or above.

However, nothing is impossible in this world with lots of modifications. We have this GCam MOD version which is a port that may belong to your device.

What is GCam MOD?

GCam Mods are sophisticatedly known for the Android smartphones which come not in the Google Pixel Category and still want to use Google Camera app.

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So these are the versions extracted from the official Play Store Google Camera and modified to work differently on unique smartphones.


We all know that all our Android smartphones have different configurations, APIs, supports, and processor chipsets in them.

Google Camera was developed stock only for the Pixel phones, and in that way, it needs so many developers to work with different chipsets, APIs, supports, and configs, for following your requirement to get the GCam functionality.

That’s how the things work and Shamim is also one of the brilliant GCam developers who designed the ports for SD, MTK, and Exynos processor chipsets all with the Camera2 API enabled.

You’ll feel blessed after using this version as it also includes the Leica Mode among all its features that helps you influence the night photography and brighten dark toned colors.

What are Configs?

Camera configuration modification isn’t a piece of deed that anyone can go with. It’s literally a creative thing which comes through the experience.

But experience comes through the initialization, and we’re going to start your acknowledgement journey of configurations through the Google Camera Config XML files.

Configs are the set of already configured settings of Google Camera app, including everything as per the developer, HS, WB Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Shadows, and Vignette. If you want everything arranged in the best manner for capturing world class photos with your Google Camera app, Configs can help you with simple installation and featured access.

They are the XML files that are needed to be placed in the GCam directory on the root folder of Local Storage. Afterward, you can access them simply by double clicking the dark space around the shutter button of GCam.

Requirements to Install GCAM on any Android phone

On the basis of the Shamim Google Camera port, which you can call SCAM APKs, there are a few device requirements to keep in mind before installing it.

Not every GCam app is supported with any android smartphone just because it’s an APK file. Your device’s settings need to be corresponding and the hardware is required to be in the exact format before you install them.

Currently, we have found a few requirements as mentioned below:

Processor ChipsetSnapdragon and MediaTek
ROM version64 bit
Camera2 API StatusEnabled
RAW SupportAvailable

Download GCAM 9.1 Stable version by Shamim

We have all the different creations by Shamim available for Google Camera ports from the SGCAM 8.1 series to the most recent SGCAM 9.1 series.

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In the current download section, you’ll glimpse them all listed with their respective download links and the information related to each of them.

Moreover, Shamim also created the GCam Go version for Android smartphones, and that’s why we’re also listing it altogether with GCam.

File NameGCam APK
Latest Version9.1
Requires14 & below
DeveloperShamim (SGCAM)
Last Updated1 day ago

You can choose the above versions of SGCAM as per your device’s compatibility. If it contains the low-end configurations, chipset, and Android version, you should go for the older version, and reflectively the latest version will work majorly for the newer Android versions.

The latest version of SGCAM or Shamim GCam will take to you the camera aux button forcefully enabled.


Download GCam APK for Specific Phone Brands

How to Install GCam APK on any Android Phone

Whichever app you install without the Google Play Store’s included in it, it requires you to be downloaded through the manual installation procedure.

Likewise, Google Camera is unsupported on Google Play Store for your smartphones, so in that way you need a manual installation. It’s not that big process, and you just need to go through all these.

Follow the below video tutorial to install GCam APK.

  1. First of all, download the application package SGCAM APK from the above link.
  2. Now, open the File Manager app or Google Files on your smartphone.
  3. Find out the SGCAM APK file on the list of Downloads and click it.
  4. Enable the installation by Allow from this source toggle for the File Manager you’re using.
    unknown sources
  5. Now get back to the same place on File Manager and click Install button for SGCAM APK.
  6. The installation will now get initialized and so on you need to wait for a while.

When it’s done, you’ll get a new notification tab asking to open the Google Camera. Click that button and finally open the Shamim Google Camera with all the features we navigated above.

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How to Use HDR modes on Google Camera app?

If you want to use the HDR modes, which are HDR, HDR+, and HDR+ Enhanced on the Google Camera app, you must go through a simple procedure.

First you need to launch the GCam on your phone, and then you’ll see a Settings icon up above. In those settings, you’ll get the HDR+ tab with all the three options as listed below:

HDR Disabled – It means there would be no quality and color improvements.
HDR Enabled – It’s an Automatic HDR mode, which is used as default for greater stability.
HDR Enhanced – This one is the forced HDR mode for better quality improvements, but unstable in a few devices.

Why SJCAM APK isn’t on Google Play Store?

SGCAM APK is a mod version developed by an XDA developer, so you can simply understand why you cannot find it on the Google Play Store. The app stores are only created for the official apps, not for the apps from unofficial sources, and that’s where the SGCAM breaks some T&Cs of Google.

How to use AR Stickers on Google Camera?

Among all the camera modes you will find in the Google Camera, there would be one mode named PlayGround. This is the mode which was recently called the AR Stickers mode, and has all the exact stickers with some updates and new options related to Augmented Reality.

Is it possible to use Google Camera without GApps?

In the list of GApps, Google Camera needs the Google services most importantly to work. But if your smartphone doesn’t have Google services installed, you can use some bypassing tools such as microG, which can be installed on your phone and work like the actual Google Services.

Why is the HDR processing being stuck in the GCam APK?

There is a list of problems making the Google Camera stuck while taking the HDR or HDR Enhanced photos from the front and the rear camera. It can be because of using old GCAM versions on new devices, battery saver restrictions on GCAM, or if you’re using a cloned app.


People are using the different Instagram filters and third-party app options for making their phone’s cameras work exceptionally. But actually, you don’t need any of them if you have the Google Camera app installed on your smartphone.

We suggest you to initialize with the Shamim GCAM versions as they contain all the amazing features and work fast with the newer Android versions. Except for that, if you need any other port, you can find it too in the same website.

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